Sortify: Pocket Planner

An all in one daily essential.

List it. Note it. Remember it. Ace it.


Easy to use.

Plan and accomplish. Do and finish. List it to not miss it.

Sort, share, tags.

Filled with all kinds of functionality for ultimate use.

Make it pretty.

Make your lists pretty by adding color and images.

Note it down.

Enter your notes here to keep them secure and accessible

Be on time everytime.

Add reminders to notify you when you need them.

Easy grade calculations

No need to calculate your expected or final GPA every semester.


An all in one daily essential app. No need to move from one app to another when you can have all those apps in one app. This app contains Lists, Notes, Reminders, and a Calculator to calculate GPA. The description of some of the features is specified below.


Create beautiful lists of things and separate them into different categories. Add quantity, unit, or date. Add a description for that item if there is something more associated with it. Mark the item as done when you have completed it or important if you don't want to miss it. Sort or search the list when the list is long, for quick access. Share the formatted list across platforms so others around you can also see the items on your list. Pin the most important category for quick access. Edit and delete the items or categories easily by swiping the cells in the table. Set a reminder for an item from the list. Add list avatar and select the list color themes to maake the list pretty. Never again worry about what to do or not to do.


Use the notes to take down important pieces of information that you would need. Edit, pin or delete these notes with just a slide on the cell. Share what you have noted down with your friends across devices. It is very useful for short pieces of infomation like storing your favorite quotes from a movie, or a random thought you have in your head, or just about anything else. While you can also store longer notes, I wouldn't recommend you to do that just because there are other apps that can do a better job.


A simple reminder app that is easy to set up and fully customizable. Set the reminder with or without the time, and customize the title and subtitles as you wish. Simplicity is the key, which makes it quick to set up. Turn on the auto-delete switch to automatically delete the reminder once the notification time has surprasssed. This reminder feature is also added to lists so you can also set a reminder from the list items too.


A 4 point GPA calculator that stores all the information about your classes and semester. No need to calculate your expected or actual GPA after every semester. It is quick to set up, and you can watch your progress throughout your university life. Include or exclude a semester from your overall GPA to see how it would affect your GPA IF you had performed in a certain way. Use this feature to exclude the current semester's GPA so that it does not reflect in the overall GPA. Each semester has different courses in it. Each course has different syllabus items, and a customizable grading scale to receive the most accurate grade for a class.

Customize the app based on your color preferences. Change the app icon and the app theme color from settings by choosing any one of 7 colors. The usability is the same throughout the app to keep everything uniform and to keep the user experience smooth. Slide the cells in the tables to perform more functionalities. This app is availble for all devices running on iOS 13 or better.

Sortify allows your daily life to be sorted and keeps you on schedule. If you loved the app, please share it with as many people as you can and write a review. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

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